HAWK spirit animal

When hawk flys into your life he’s brining you the power of vision and intuition. His energy helps us to float through the day guided by our inner wisdom as he connects us to spirit realm. The spirit of Hawk enables us to view life from a higher perspective, to understand the lessons of our journey and to move on fearlessly. The higher point of view is helping us to discern rather than to judge, to shift from a black-white perception to a balanced feeling of unity.

As we work with Hawk our awareness increases and our consciousness expands. It’s pivotal to focus on the present moment, on the here and now, in order to create based upon the alignment with our Higher Self instead of re-acting based on our ego-perception.

You will experience that as you train your awareness, your intuition is getting clearer and clearer. You’ll soon discover your senses expanding and may see, hear, feel, smell, taste messages sent from spirit realm.

You might feel a sense of (re)connecting or enhancing your divination practise. Whether your practise is already deeply rooted in your life or if you start from scratch – hawk medicine will elevate you to the next personal level on your path. No matter in what spiritual pracise we are engaged – hawk is kindly reminding us to stick to our commitment even if there is little time, because growth comes with consistancy. The power of Hawk lies within the sharp focus and the allertness for knowing the right time and place and to act swiftly to catch opportunity.

If you’re sensing a feeling of distraction or disconnection or if you want to strengthen your spiritual practise, call upon Hawk to guide you smoothly. He will offer you the inspiration you may feeling you lack and help you to discover your next step on the journey.

For some this could be a sign to step into your leadership. Act from the place of your heart rather than letting your „small me“ interfere with your vision. With Hawk you have a reliable companion to find any block in the road and crossing thresholds safely.

With the Hawk as your totem you know when it’s time to catch prey.

„Right now I am in the right place and do exactly the right thing.“




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